Thursday, August 8, 2013

Definition of Community

The term "community" is used in too many different contexts and needs some insights for everyone to fully understand my usage of it, which is in the sense of a Space of Love and Care.

For me, a community is a group of like-minded people but who do not necessarily share identical idea on every subject. 
While a set of core principles definitely needs to be shared (the reason for this website!), they are guiding principles that includes only high-level humans skills: openness, desire for self-discovery, mutual respect, love, tolerance, knowledge sharing, confidence, trust, providing help and care to those in needs, will to continually evolve, self-improve and self-develop, etc.

Another important point is that this idea of a community is far from "sharing everything":

In my vision each member/family has its own house and lives its own independent life. There will only be a few requirements to ensure minimum involvement (link) in group activities and attendance to community meetings.
The community at the Space of Love and Care aspire to be:

Sustainabile (building-wise, energy-wise, food-wise, water-wise, nature-wise)

Reduce to the maximum the impact on the earth, caring of the earth mindset

Promote Harmonious living and existence of common / social areas

Composed by spiritually-evolved, conscious people with higher awareness,

who desire to live a different life, driven by values like love, cooperation, respect, transparency, solidarity, confidence rather than individualism, competition, violence, power, control, indifference, etc.

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