Thursday, August 8, 2013


I believe that there is a truth and that all lives have a purpose, but that this truth has many names and aspects to be found in the direct observation of Nature and wildlife. Dogmas, cults and rituals are unnecessary man made sets of theoretical ideas and beliefs (unproved facts).
People at the Space of Love and Care - with the aid and direct inspiration from the observation of Nature - will try to discover and attune with its natural sets of laws and “ethics”. as these common teachings are written deep within ourselves, in our hearts.
Therefore the community will most likely be more attractive to those who are first seeking mental and physical freedom from old and limited ideas originated in and by the “civilized world” whose sets of values are profit, competition, selfishness.

Followers of a single religion or followers of the “system” (which is one and the same thing), who do not have an open heart, who are bound to strict rules and who believe they hold the truth,  may not fit in.

I also believe that the best place to pray and meditate is Nature.

Our community will have at least one main area dedicated to meditation and prayer,

(add what’s prayer section) isolated from any non-natural noise, in the middle of nature.

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