The sub pages of this section should give you a deeper understanding of the main ideas that inspired this project.

The inspiration of Tribal People, my Beliefs about Religion and Spirituality, and the very practical Philosophy of Permaculture/ Forest Gardening allowed me to define the Charter and the Reasons that Could Prevent You from Joining Us.

Also read the Definition of the Word "Community" and what I think about Prophecies,  Polar Shifting and other Conspiracy Theories.

For further reading and material, browse through my Inspiration Page.

If you have any question do not hesitate to Contact Me!

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  1. Your blog was linked in "" which I just joined. I do the personal work to enable me to be more complementary with life and postulates. I see that each one of us is the center of our own universe in the One Universe. Your message of vision resonates with me. Please update me with your progress, thank you......Colleen