When the River meets the Ocean – a short biography of a Inner and Outer journey in search of the Immortal Self 
by and of Aura Licht

Early Childhood and Adolescency: Like a Fish out of water

They call me Aura Licht and I am a youg woman from Europe, class ´83, born and grew up in a big capital city. My biological parents abandoned me in a hospital right after birth and since then I embarked on a quest to find my “true” biological origins and eventually this personal path of self discovery broadened its way and fueled the desire in me to discover the roots of humanity as a whole.

In a sense, I was born an anarchist and a solitary creature.

What I call the “pristine nature” in Man was pretty much vivid in me throughout my whole life and institutions as well as education and civilization itself did not manage to extinguish this ancestral fire of ultimate Freedom within me. After all, it was the closest thing to a heritage I had.

Since my early childhood I have been always the “rebel” of the family, the girl that could not sit right at the table, the weird one, the crazy freak with strange ideas, the one that questioned authority and rules, that could not value money, that refused religions and their gods and who thought humans should be free to exist on this Planet.
I struggled to fit in society and around the age of 23 I started to perceive the very narrow cage I was trapped in.

At that time I had a job and a stable relationship, a highly processed diet and a sedentary lifestyle.
I left everything behind and allowed the “alchemy” to take place.

Food Revolution: Cleansing the body from toxic substances

Seven years ago I instinctively switched to a raw food diet and my overall sense of clarity and health improved astoundingly. Unfortunately my rational mind - addicted with old educational patterns and need for dogma – prevented me to see the limiting and dangerous global implications of a neolithic vegan diet. Although I was never solely moved by animal rights, it was the idyllic biblical view of a fruitarian paradise that I wished to achieve the most.

The Trip: In search of Paradise

Few years after the dramatic dietary changes, I embarked on a trip to build my private lush fruit forest. Together with some friends we travelled the world to find the “perfect” spot on earth and while doing it, some people left and some other joined but our overall inexperience, egotism and stubborness prevented us from setting up a proper place in the tropics where to finally settle down in a foreign country.
Eventually, I found myself alone, the others gone back to civilization.
It was during this time of loneliness and deep introspection that I felt really free to explore the roots of human lifestyle and challenge myself to push this quest a step further...
It was not by chance – I believe so– the last member departure was on the 4th of July, America´s Independence Day and mine..

The Fall of Dogma: The Last Frontier to Liberation

Freed from vegan dogmas and faded away desires of a “neolithic paradise”, I entered the world of the hunter/gatherer lifestyle, indigenous nutrition and medicinal plants.
As the dogmas and stereotyped alien ideas left my mind, my heart quickly returned on the main reason I started this venture: discovering the ancestral Nature of Man.
For the very first time on this journey, I was willing to accept whatever reality may come, I was ready to confront myself with the “true” me, fusing in with a reality that is what it is, beyond the duality of “good” and “bad”.

If there is a thing Nature cannot provide the human souls with – because of its being One in essence/origin - is certainly the biblically so-called “Free Will” to attune to her. That is something some individuals acquire when separated from their true environment. A gift that comes with the confrontation and experience of opposites. A tool we pay an hard price for.

I guess that the developing of the Free Will is the spiritual reason why we left the forest in first place.

The New Era: Present Day and future Projects

I am currently living on a forest property in South America where I am reconnecting myself with the quintessence of Nature, finding strategies to rewild my being.
Because my knowledge is limited, I am soon moving to live with indigenous people of this region, learning their ways to surthrive.

After that, my plans are to set up a property that would serve as a “rewilding school” for all of those that are ready to leave civilization but have none or poor knowledge about it. You can read about it HERE (link)

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