Friday, June 5, 2015

Taking ReWilding a step further: The need for Community/Neighborhood


We are three rewilders/paleo enthusiasts  who - after several years of travelling, decided to challenge ourselves and adopt as much as possible a hunter/gatherer semi pastoralist lifestyle to better cope with civilization and its own sicknesses.



Divided in three phases.

FIRST STAGE: Get involved with locals and get immersed in their culture.  Learn their strategies and ways to maximize the use of natural resources (plants, animals..)
NOTE: We currently are at this stage.

SECOND STAGE: Set up a BASECAMP (can be purchased with a small investment), to attract potential membes to come and get a sense of living with us. Train/learn survival skills,  goats keeping, raising chickens, gardening..

THIRD STAGE:  After we have acquired enough skills and enough seriously committed members, we can move towards the final stage of buying a large piece of land (with possibility to be extended), build proper huts/shelters/houses, plant fruit trees etc..

Samal Island, southern Philippines.

INVESTMENTS: (to be reviewed, discussed, improved and changed whenever necessary)

1) Pay for your own expenses (food, accomodation and whatever else you need).
2) Share certain costs with us.

1) Sharing costs of land (plus electricity bills/internet), food
2)Pay for your own expenses ( building materials for the construction of your hut..)

1) Sharing costs of land (plus electricity bills/internet), food
2) Pay for your own expenses (building materials for the construction of your hut..)
3) Generate communal income for the construction of communal areas, the purchasing of tools, food, seedlings and animals...


We allow the WISE use of the above.


We are looking forward to keep goats and chickens, dogs and cats.
If the land is big enough and there are enough people, we can consider also keeping cows and perhaps, pigs.


Any usefull plant (food/medicine, natural fibers..)


Any skills you may (already) have are greatly welcomed, needed and respected.
If you´ve got none at the moment, it´s enough that you are willing to learn some once here.


Free to choose your own.

Given the yearly abundance of fresh foods, this location allows one to adopt and easily (cheapely) maintain the following diets:

1) Paleo (mostly fish/seafood, *chicken, *dogs, *cats, lizards, snakes, *goats, *cow)
2) Raw Paleo


PROTEINS/FATS (from animals)
Fish/seafood, *chicken, *dogs, *cats, lizards, snakes, *goats, *cow, bugs, eggs
* not "wild paleo"
Roots, bananas, coconuts, avocado vegetables, fresh greens, algaes, fruits (jackfruit, durian, mangosteen, papaya, mango, pineapple, watermelon..)

NOTE: Although we enjoy raw seafood, fish and algaes, we DO NOT follow a strict raw paleo diet.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Elevating the material square into the transcending pentacle

Five are the soft and lightly scented petals of the Wild Rose;
Five the numerical value of aramaic/hebrew letter "Hey" tracing with its almost squared shape the limitex boundaries of materiality leaving an opening towards the Infinite Spirit on its upper left corner;
 Five are the Blessed Elements of Nature..

 I dance and sing to summon You all, mighty Spirits! From deep within the depths of the Primordial creative Void, rise now to the highest of heights, it's Tiamat calling! By the Power of Water, kiss me A-dam

as the rolling tongue of the Ocean Waves would passionately reach the sand shore ; by the Power of Earth, embrace me, as the Soil and Roots hold dear the Sacred trees of the Forest; by the Power of Air, inseminate me as the cool midsummer breeze would gently scatter seeds amidst the green fields of the country side; By the Power of Fire, purify me as the ever burning Flame would re-turn heavy matter into light Spirit; By the Power of Aether, mesmerize me as the cosmic Weaver would skillfully spin the silvery thread of Life through the wheels of my subtle bodies.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Untitled thoughts

The more time I spend in tropical Nature exposing my skin to the Elements, the harder it is for me to wear clothes again. those pieces of fabric fall so heavily on my body suffocating me, preventing me from tuning in with the environment  around.  clothes en-clothed our freedom. , wrapping body and mind in a sensory deprived cage, keeping us asleep/deaf to the call of Life.  TThe "shame" of being naked promoted by bigot religions blinded and twisted our ability to see the "true" reality of our Creator. That's why it was easy to replace idols for gods.  I feel like I am breathing for the very first time. My whole being feels totally relaxed and confident a cure against complete annihilation still exists.