So you have questions or comments, are inspired by the vision, would like to express interest, help me build the community, or support us?

Then please consider the following:

  • Join us and be part of the core members! If your vision is similar to mine, let's meet as soon as possible! I would like to have you join me as we are still in the process of founding the core of the community. Without you I may not be able to buy the land  and definitely could not get started!
  • Invest in this project by directly donating money.
  • Donate seeds, seedlings, trees or plants (I am especially looking for tropical fruit trees)
  • Share advice, tips and ideas about setting up a community (do you have any experience in community building?)
  • Share any other relevant knowledge such as permaculture, earth building, natural gardening and composting techniques, etc.
  • Donate some of your time, volunteering to work  in the early stages of the community to build the first homes, plant the first trees...
  • Send me some of your positive energy through meditations and prayers. 
  • Be creative and tell me about your own helping ideas - there are certainly many other ways to help!

To send me a message, please email me- I will reply as soon as I can!

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