The subpages of this section describe our ideas about how to join us, the legal aspect and financial viability of our project.

I am convinced that our behaviors will be benefiting more from having a Well Defined Vision than by creating rules and policies, but I decided to write down a Few Rules that I found important and could clarify understanding.

You will be able to become a full community member by following the steps of the "Joining Process", knowing that it is as simple as living and interacting with each other during enough time to ensure our like-mindedness.

Although future members will avoid the corruption of money, we are all conscious that Generating Some Income will be necessary, especially in the first years of the community.

I also thought about How to Setup the Community Legally and wrote down a few ideas as a start, knowing they will require review and refinement with regional lawyers in order to be adequate.

If you have any question do not hesitate to Contact Me!

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