Sunday, August 26, 2012

Question no1: A sustainable food strategy?

Somebody asked me about to show a sustainable food strategy for these modern times:

Hello Aura
If not hunting/ gathering, and it sounds like you don't support agriculture. Do you have a third option?

My answer:

Switching to a new dietary paradigm that is adopting "unusual" wild, resistant plants instead of domesticated varieties.

An example?
  1. Fresh fruits (any kind of wild or heritage variety) and Starchy tubers (or any other semi_wild root) as a primary source of energy, fiber and vitamins
  2. Insects/ophidians/amphibians,/gastropodas/fish/eggs/nuts & seeds as a quickly accessible source of protein
  3. Wild shoots/mushrooms/algae/leaves (the so called "wild edibles" ; no need more than an handful and they grow just about everywhere in abandoned fields or by the side of the roads), as a source of fresh minerals.

This would be a mixture between the hunter/gatherer and the agricultural lifestyle.

Not to mention the tremendous health/economical/global benefit of this simple but nutritious diet.

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