Monday, August 27, 2012

Question no2: Living a Paradox?

Somebody thought how ironic it is for a primitivist to be seeking for other primivists on the internet.

My answer:

I know, but let me tell you at this stage I am rewilding myself and using advantage of technology to share, possibly inspire others to do the same if true inner self discovery is what they are looking for.

Those primitivists who are already in Nature, you are right, I will not find them online and - to tell you the truth - I am not even sure they made it to the jungle. Probably they got lost in the urban zoo of our cities.

So I am left with theoretic primitivists, people that adhered to primitivism only with their mind (and stomachs!) just like me but not with their first hand experience.

I am preparing to move and live with indigenous people and there will be a time when I will not use the computer anymore but I believe it is a process since nobody jumps from the couch to the pristine jungle overnight.. : )

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