Monday, August 27, 2012

Moral epistles to Lucilium - Letter I

 Aura Lucilio suo salutem. (Aura greets his Lucilius)

If there is a single thing Nature did not provide us with is the Free Will to consciously choose to return to the Oneness (the all encompassing unity of everything existing).
Nature is Oneness and Life by definition therefore she could not ever produce disconnection and death. Only sentient creature that decided to "move out" from this state of being could. And we did it.
That was something we had to learn experiencing duality.
I guess that is the spiritual reason humans once left the forest.
Those people who believe in technology and in the human power of mind have not yet awakened their souls and are under a constant sensorial induced sleep.
Transhumanism is everywhere, is getting into each and every soul of a culturally devoided mankind.

Even "Matrix the Movie" - thought to be an "eye opener" for many - is a dangerous one if you cannot read its symbolism.
In fact, it talks about the what comes after transhumanism (alias post-transhumanism) - the take over of the machine on the human being - because Matrix present reality it  is already a transhumanist era.

It is not necessarily a wake up call because it does not hint to any kind of return to nature (higher Intelligence), instead focuses on restablishing the human supremacy over machine. The same, old and finite human knowledge.

When we are left with no culture, no tribe to belong to, we become vulnerable and subject to mass assimilation and annihilation.
You and I are the product of this allucination.
My wake up call was to find my biological roots but then this quest broadened its path and became a more universal search.
Finally the river (my personal need to understand and to know myself) found its way to the ocean (the origin of human kind).
It is not by chance I found this place that phisically matches those quality. I can feel its magic and the mystery of the tides, the hot and cold waters mixing together, becoming One. And I am bathing in between until I will totally loose myself in the deep ocean waters. And so do you, if you wish so.
That "something"people like you and I have,  is like a flame.
The flame of the yearning soul of man to serve its creator.
Others feed the flame of ego. They are their own god. Human supremacy over the entire creation.

 "So the last will be first, and the first will be last."
Matthew 20:16
Yes, those words from the gospel literature could not be more appropriate :)

Yesterday, I was alone here at the property so I just got naked and spent most of the day in the forest, dancing, running, exercising, energyzing, bathing in the sun.
We (humans) have forgotten we are born naked.
Literally, "without manufactured clothes" and symbolically meaning "humble".

Vale (Farewell)

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