Friday, August 9, 2013

Community rules

People who agree with the charter will have no problem following the few community rules
listed below. In fact, we questioned the benefits of writing down such rules as we believe the charter is much more important, and life is never black and white so rules must be adapted on a case by case basis, but in the end we thought it would allow some people to understand quicker some aspects of the community life as we see it.

So here are the proposed rules the community members shall follow:

  • Spend an average of one 5 hours per day for community-related purposes
  • Attend weekly community meetings: at least one member of each family
  • attends
  • Ideally no carnivore pet: we will have abundant wild life with us and will rather tame
  • wild animals
  • No alcohol, cigarette or drug consumption
  • No swearing
  • No usage of chemicals
  • No noise during night time: respect for natural daylight cycles and the children
  • Dry toilets: has the benefit of not needing any complicated sewerage system
  • Each individual and family shall be financially self-sufficient
  • Visits of non-members shall be planned and agreed upon at the community meetings
At this stage, these rules are given as a guide only. As we are open to changes they will certainly be reviewed and rewritten with the core members. For all community decisions, resolution of disputes and making changes to the procedures we suggest to adopt a system similar to sociocracy: first discuss the matter, ensuring each member has had the ability to express his view freely, keeping focus on the potential impact of the decision on the original vision and charter, and second follow-up with a vote when required.

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