Friday, August 9, 2013

Joining process

The choice of living in a community such as the one I am dreaming about is a difficult one, especially for people and families used to the conventional model of the modern societies.

It is impossible to know for sure what living in a Space of Love and Care and being part of a Tribe means before having actually experienced it for a sufficient amount of time.

To allow for everyone to understand well all aspects of this project, the membership process will be gradual, and last one entire year. It may seem long to you, but you remember that a large amount of time will most likely be necessary in order to change and adapt your mind and behaviors to a new vision of the world, switching from a technocratic lifestyle to a lifestyle in phase with your internal nature and with Nature. One year seems logical to me as it will allow you to experience your new life throughout all seasons in the Space of Love and Care community.

The membership phases would go like this:

Prior to living on the land: Manifestation of Interest.

Through exchanging emails and if possible conversations you would first introduce yourself, telling us your background, and together we would make sure your vision corresponds to ours.

Please read all pages of this website and write down all points that you disagree with and/or would see differently. These points will be the sources of our discussions. Keep in mind that not matching with 100% of my ideas will not prevent you from becoming a member. It only means that prior to you coming to the land discussions will be necessary in order to ensure you will not visit  unnecessarily, especially if you live far away. If you live close to the land and have the opportunity to come and see me, we could organize a short stay on the land.

0 - 6 months: Prospective Membership. 

 During this time you would be living on the land, in a common area or in an area we have chosen that may be different from your future house. We would learn about each other "the hard way", that is by fully experiencing life together. You would be participating to the community life.
We would have many discussions on all subjects of life and it would allow us to
either question or confirm your suitability in the community.

At the end of the period you would be able to chose a plot that would be guaranteed to be yours shall you become a full member.

6 - 12 months: Temporary Membership.

During this time you would still be living on the land, if possible on your own house, most likely in temporary housing. We would expect you to love and care your piece of land, think about a permaculture design, and start organizing its final shape by planting trees and create a large vegetable garden. At the end of the 12 months, all members will be knowing you fully and there should be no doubt about your suitability to the community.

You should be able to commit to spending the rest of your life with us.

Laws will probably force us to organize a vote and record its results in order to confirm your legal status of member of the community.

More than 12 months: Full Membership.

Welcome aboard! Let's live and grow together!

The modalities of living with us on the land may be adapted on a case by case basis,
but we will most likely need some financial contribution and we imagine we would charge a certain amount per day. The amount would be fixed for short stays of up to a month and then decrease.

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