Friday, August 9, 2013

Region of interest

Brazil has many places with climate suitable to the growth of tropical fruit trees and abundant water, and a region that I feel has a great potential is the southern coast of  Bahia, the Cocoa Coast.



"Cocoa Coast is an area of extraordinary scenic beauty that it still conserves natural landscapes little altered - true ecological paradises - always marked by the exuberant presence of the Atlantic forest, considered by the world scientific community as one of the richest ecosystems in biodiversity of the planet. 
The Atlantic forest is considered by the world scientific community as one of the richest ecosystems in diversities of animal species and vegetables of the planet and the threatened second. For this fact, UNESCO (Organization of the United Nations for the Education, the Science, the Culture), it elevated the Atlantic forest to the category of reservation of the Biosphere, being one of the three larger priorities of conservation of the planet. The strip understood among the rivers Jequitinhonha and Contas, it conserves the most significant portion of the Atlantic forest in the Brazilian northeast. 
In the coast of the south of Bahia, Cocoa Coast preserves true tropical ecological shrines with dozens of kilometers of shaded beaches for dense coqueiral, great growth of mangroves areas and beautiful cocoa farms, whose planting system to the shadow of the great trees would make possible the preservation of the Atlantic forest. In that area they are also present sandbanks, fluvial and marine islands, enclosed ponds of vegetation, picturesque rivers and beaches little competed, wide and of clear sands. "

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