Saturday, August 10, 2013

Financial Sustainability

Although in the long term the community should be able to sustain itself with very minimal amounts of money, if any (bartering would be the preferred way of exchanging goods and services internally), here is a list of proposed activities that could be income-generating and help especially in the first stages of development:

  • Alternative education and teaching on specific topics to adults and children 
  • Healing workshops 
  • Physical activity programs, camps and training sessions 
  • Conferences and talks 
  • Indigenous Nutrition retreats and workshops 
  • Fasting retreats 
  • Selling of community produce surplus (possibly after some minimal processing like drying) 
  • Themed camps for adults and children 
  • Direct donations 
  • Sales of seeds and seedlings from our nursery 
  • Permaculture courses 
  • Walking meditation in the forest + wild edibles identification 
  • Gardening and fruit tree growing technique courses 
  • Hosting of events and festivals through renting of common areas and facilities 

We are also very interested in organizing free activities and had the following ideas:
  • WOOFing: exchanging of help from workers against free hosting and food 
  • Any activity from the income-generation list above when the community is ready to give them for free! 
  • Sustainability courses for native people.

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