Friday, August 9, 2013


Conventional education is non-optimal because of its left-brained dominance and purpose of enslaving free thought to better serve the System without objecting it and rebelling against its consumeristics plans. In these schools, subjects are not thought as a mean to pass on knowledge but rather to provide tools with which the “future slave” one day will build somebody else’s fortune, thinking instead is their own..

Studying how the technology of Nature works is the community’s first and most important subject and this Education comes from scientific texts, documentaries as well as objective daily observation of it.

This natural education will provide each individual with the outer knowledge and inner wisdom needed to be a true "Earthling”- that is - someone who understands Nature and IS a conscious part of it.

The goal once the community is established is to have our own Tribal School implementing an alternative way of teaching, focused on respecting the natural ways of learning of children by:

  • Observing nature ensuring direct contact with plants and animals
  • Respect each child's individual learning motivation, curiosity, creativity and freedom 
  • Emphasizing playful activities and artistic design
  • Creating interaction with people of all ages (child-to-child teaching, elderly-to-child teaching, etc.)

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