Friday, August 9, 2013

The tribe, the families and the children

Around the core cell of each unique individual, the community will be comprised of independent families including infants, children, adults and elderly, single individuals, couples without children who share a common vision and have decided to live on a common land and practice a number of activities together. These people form the Tribe,
which provides care and attention to individuals of all ages, including education to the children, support to the sick and elderly, etc.

Couples are formed by a man and a woman, as nature intended, and the family is a divine entity which is usually united for life. Children are essential for the next era, it is on their behaviors that the future of Earth relies. Children are our legacy for they usually are opportunistic and playful, still living fully into the present moment, are innocent and have a free, unbiased mind not driven by fear, mind constructed beliefs and dogmas and therefore must be considered as the best teachers in the world.

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