Friday, August 9, 2013

Individual lots

Each resident will have a place where there is enough space for man, animals, and plants,
and typically it will have the following features:
  • Surface of 1 to 2 hectares (2.5 to 5 acres, size may vary)
  • Host the house
  • Enclosed by a living fence made of small native trees, shrubs, vines and herbaceous plants, including many that are food for human and animals
  • Have a large pond
  • Host a few beehives
  • Have a very large space organized as a food forest, with gardens and orchards, producing a constant supply of fruits and vegetables throughout the whole year
  • Separated of other houses by lane ways and avenues about five meters wide
  • Be organized as a living space with the principles of "everything at hand"

The house will typically:
  • Be built using alternative methods of construction respectful of the Earth: sandbag, cob, strawbale, earthship, tree house, etc.
  • Be self-sustainable for its energy supply through the use of solar panels, etc.
  • Having a cool room for storing and ripening fruits
  • Having a green house attached to the main building in order to prepare seedlings
  • Be very cosy and comfortable
  • Be hosting pure Love and Wisdom!

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