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Hello everyone!

I am a young woman who - at some point in her- life decided to be real, trying to break the veil of human ignorance and finally get to learn the science of Nature thus regaining all the skills and precious knowledge once forgotten and get rid of all negative aspects of civilization, conventional education, orthodox dogmas, pseudo-scientific/new age beliefs on just about any subject .. For my full autobiography, please read HERE
I also realized that economy globalism and the current evolution of modern societies is not sustainable in the long term as it goes against Nature. This creates the need for non-profit oriented and self-sustainable local communities, which my project is part of. My vision is to establish a Space of Love and Care in Brazil, and I decided to create this website in order to share it with you, to make my dream come true. At this stage, I need to buy a land and find like-minded people willing to participate in some way or join me in the project of building this self-sustainable community.

The “Space of Love and Care” is an edible forest, community, a natural healing center and a place for rewilding. Here we embrace a lifestyle deeply respectful of Nature.

The land contains the main house, residents and the guest houses, healing facilities, a large vegetable garden, a pond and a food forest with countless fruit trees of many different varieties, designed with permaculture principles in mind in order to nurture and enrich the myriad of life forms of "Mother Earth". The Space of Love and Care is enclosed by a "Living Fence" made of small native trees, shrubs, vines and herbaceous plants, including many that are food for humans and animals.

On the “Space of Love and Care”, the idea is to reach self-sustainability economically and to adopt a lifestyle inspired on Indigenous Nutrition, free from addictions/industrial food/chemicals, a diet rich on wild/local/seasonal native fresh fruits and vegetables produced on the land, hence greatly reducing one's footprint on the environment.

The “Space of Love and Care” is run and maintained by a community of people.

Each member possesses a parcel of land of 1 to 2 hectares in size (2.5 to 5 acres) plus a lifetime, infinitely renewable lease to steward the land for the benefit of future generations.

To know more about this project, please continue to browse this website and read on, or ask me questions directly!

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