Saturday, August 10, 2013

Legal Setup

I currently do not have a definite model of how the community will be set up for the legal aspect but here are our first ideas about this matter:

  • "trust/share model": the entire land is always owned by the legal person "community" while the natural persons "members" legally own "shares" of the community rather than their actual plot of land. This provides a level of protection ensuring that the original vision persists despite potential disagreements that could otherwise lead to community split-up and/or land misuse. This concept can even be extended to the houses built on the individual plots, that could also be owned by the legal person "community", in order to prevent members from being able to sell them to non-members.

  •  "internal trading model": members actually own their land at their actual real estate value, giving them the right to sell their house and land, but where potential buyers would have to be subject to the rules of the community. In other words, sellers would only be able to sell their possession to existing members.
Prior to accepting members it would be best if the core founders had already divided the land into individual lots (each having typically 1 hectare) and common areas.

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