Friday, August 9, 2013

Land features

Land should meet the following requirements:

  • Shall have a surface of minimum 100 hectares (250 acres)
  • Shall be located in a region whose climate is suitable for tropical fruit trees like mango, banana, jackfruit, etc. (temperatures never reaching freezing levels)
  • Shall be located far enough from the coast and not be at sea level in order to avoid flooding in the event of natural disasters
  • Shall have established fruit trees, if possible including tropical varieties
  • Shall have native trees
  • Shall have abundant water supply throughout the whole year
  • Shall have a least one water stream, a river or lake where one can swim
  • Shall have at least one spring of pure and drinkable water
  • Shall have a clean, fertile and healthy soil (with no past practice of intensive farming, no past use of pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals, etc.)
  • Shall be located far enough from cities and main roads in order to ensure clean air, silence, no light pollution, etc.
  • Shall be located far enough from lands practicing conventional / non-natural agriculture to ensure no cross-pollination and no contamination
  • Shall be accessible without the need of a four wheel drive car
  • Shall be accessible within a half-day of travel from an international airport
  • Surrounding lands shall be virgin, protected areas, or owned by like-minded people
  • Shall be extensible by buying neighboring land

I already found a nice area which has all of the above features and I am pretty confident this project may become a reality very soon.
I need like minded people to join forces. If you feel you would like to help, please contact me.


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