Thursday, August 8, 2013

Care of the Earth

My dream is to create a community where all human and animal creatures, and all plants coexist in harmony, living in symbiosis, as intended by Mother Nature, leading to the smallest footprint on Earth. This  is in  contrast with modern societies in which humans continually prove they are the only creatures of the planet able to go against nature, leading to self-destruction.

    One way of realizing this dream is to plan the Space of Love and Care with permaculture principles in mind.

Using the skills of native people and also from acquired permaculture courses, the
general idea would be to design the  community such that it is (or at least, will become)
self-sustainable in the following areas:

Buildings: use of building material with the least impact on Earth (bio-construction, strawbale, sandbag, sustainable architectures like earthship, tree-houses, etc.)

Energy: while connection to an electricity network may be required initially, the long term goal is to produce our own electricity by transforming natural energy received from the elements: sun, water, wind, etc.

Water: using ponds, swales, dams, and other rainwater catchment systems will ensure year-round availability of water even in situations of drought.

Food: the vision being that the community members would adopt an indigenous diet means that ideally  only wild foods grown on the property would be necessary,

Nature: the establishment of a diverse ecosystem and food forest with self-renewing soil life will require minimal amounts of both human work and contributions from means external to the community.

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