Friday, August 9, 2013

Indigenous Nutrition

We are what we digest, absorb and metabolyze and eating is one of our most basic human needs. Therefore it is important to fulfill it with the highest possible care, by consuming local, organic, wild whole foods.

Ideally, all residents and guests should follow the principles of Indigenous Nutrition, the diet that kept these people healthy and strong for millennias before civilized men introduced processed, unhealthy foods and sedentary lifestyle.

This natural way of eating (and thinking) is in tune with Nature and its cycles providing a range of different foods according to the seasons of the year. Plus, being the food wild, ensures its high nutritional value as well as its sustainability.

The concept behind Indigenous Nutrition is that the dietary regime will be dictated by what grows locally in the wild and what’s available seasonally.

It means going beyond vegetarianism and veganism, making it impossible for  the mind and its dogmas to take over and come up with foods appealing to the palate but dangerous for the body, obsessive counting calories, cultural-created ethics, myths etc.

All these systems have been created by the human mind and do not belong to Nature as we can directly observe it today.
I.e: there is no evidence yet of 100% vegan community in the all history of our known ancient world nor there are animals in the wild that ONLY eat one kind of food, daily, all year round in large quantities..

There are kind of diets that cannot be practiced consistently in a natural environment and are not sustainable for the Land and nor they do good to the body simply because they are the product of personal speculation rather than first hand experience; they were created by educated people living in cities for people living in cities with easy access to supermarkets and other facilities.

Nowaday we still have some semi-uncontacted indigenous tribes whose members eat a 100% natural  sustainaible diet and are a living example that the food and lifestyle work and if we adopt it, we could also reach such high standards in term of wellness&fitness, low environmental impact and natural wisdom.

 ( about peta bet to create fake meat/why transhumanism is dangerous)

In the Space of Love and Care, individuals are left free to experiment with their diet within the multiple combination that the indigenous nutrition would allow and finally choose what works best for their overall Health.

The Space of Love and Care wants to be a welcoming place for people who are genuinely seeking a humble way to understand and reconnect with Nature and its laws and aims to do this by respecting and listening to people’s needs rather than judging someone because of the food he/she eats and the way it is prepared.

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