Friday, August 9, 2013

Nature cures

Although indigenous nutrition in itself is able to bring countless benefits to one's life,
it is of foremost importance to place it back into the more holistic view of health, which Natural Hygiene is all about: it would certainly be a mistake to address the food needs of our lives if we were neglecting all other basic human needs required to live healthfully, achieve our maximum potential and reach the longevity we are designed for. The most important of these other human needs are:
  • Sunlight
  • Fresh air
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep and rest
  • Mental and emotional factors (love, etc.)
  • Contact with Nature
Each need varies according to each individual, and for each individual changes continually depending on all other lifestyle factors (for example, increased food intake and more rest needed after intense physical activity, etc.). Therefore, there is no better doctor than yourself to address your personal health issues and it is essential that each individual learns about himself by observing his body reactions and listening to his body messages, in order to adapt and refine his lifestyle according to the quantity and quality of each need required at a given time.

There is no "one-size fits all" recipe for health, only health principles.

In this sense, Natural Hygiene helps individuals identify their lifestyle excesses or deficiencies and advises common sense: you need as much sleep as required to recuperate from fluctuating mental, emotional and physical activities, you need as much physical activity as required to maintain adequate muscle mass, you need as much food as the body can digest, assimilate and use, etc.
When ill, Natural Hygiene focuses on removing the cause of the disease rather than its symptoms. As it is consistent with fundamental biological principles it may seem very logical but it goes against the conventional medical model which does not consider the primary role of an unnatural environment as the root cause of diseases, and even usually invites and allows sick people to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle through the use of harmful drugs sponsored by pharmaceutical corporations.

Other important principles of Natural Hygiene
  • Drugs cannot cure. Only the body cures, once all required conditions of health have been restored, that is when the modifications made to the lifestyle have lead to the adequate balance of all fundamental human needs. Vaccines and germ-theories are nonsensical.
  • The attempt to make sick people well by the use of agents and materials that make well people sick is irrational and absurd.
  • The body is self-constructing, self-defending, self-repairing provided it is living in the adequate conditions.
  • There are definite limitations regarding the capacity of each individual organism and if these are exceeded, impairment is inevitable.
  • Excesses or deficiencies of the basic needs of life invariably detract from the health of the organism.
  • Disease represents a defensive, remedial, reparative and adaptive process in relation to materials and conditions unfavourable to the survival of the organism.
  • It is a mechanism of the organism’s survival but it is not something to be destroyed, conquered, overcome, suppressed or cured.
  • Symptoms are messages from within that must be kept.
  • The means we use to restore health (that is, heal) should be the same essentially as those we use to preserve health. And these means simply are the correct use of the normal basic needs of life.
  • Water fasting in the most restful environment is usually the quickest way to restore health as it promotes body detoxification and reparation.
  • Optimal conditions are constituted by physiological rest, physical rest, mental rest and sensory rest.
  • The crucial act that man must perform is identifying and judging what is for him and what is against him: what is necessary to maintain his health and life, what is favourable to his survival and what is health impairing , i.e. disease causing.
  • Health care is self-care.

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